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Announcing BOXARR 6.0 Launch at DSEI 2019

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Just when you thought we were all having a rest for the summer, here’s some surprising news for you. The BOXARR team is very pleased to announce that BOXARR 6.0 will be available in September. We are planning the new BOXARR software release launch at DSEI 2019 on the 10th September at 13.20 - 13:40, Innovation Hub Theatre.

BOXARR 6.0 Launch at DSEI 2019

Date: 10th September 2019 | 13:20 - 13:40

Speaker: Dr. Robert Elliott Smith Ph.D. | Chief Technology Officer

Location: Innovation Hub Theatre | BOXARR Stand IH07

Leverage the value of your systems model Data-and-function driven dashboard widgets include networks, maps, tables, charts, pivots, and more. Dashboards are user-specifiable, dynamic layouts of these widgets, that can be customised for different user bases across your enterprise.
BOXARR 6.0 nSight | User Customisable Dashboards

What’s new in BOXARR 6.0

Completely re-written Browser Platform – nSight Client

It features a completely re-written nSight client with a new look-and-feel, a completely restructured map component, and a new collection of more usable and attractive charts that draw directly on live BOXARR model data.

Critically, it's now simpler to get live information into nSight dashboards from a BOXARR Model: rather than publishing from nVision, dashboard information is now peer-to-peer “shared” within nSight alone.

Improved Filtering to Formulate Dashboards

In addition to the overall filter on dashboards, users can now sub-filter within all dashboard widgets. Filter info is now encoded into URLs and therefore has a more compact, encoded form, while remaining in a form that users (and third-party software) can externally manipulate, to provide “programmable” on-demand dashboards from BOXARR models.

New features in Desktop Application - nVision Client

In BOXARR’s main modelling client nVision we have improved the standard “hierarchic” layout of BOXARR models, and it is now possible to control the left-to-right ordering of groups in network layout. Several other parts of the layout have also been enhanced, including the centring of Image Labels on Boxes, and better Arrow Label positioning. To allow construction of more sophisticated automated workflows, we have upgraded the use of Macros within Macros.

Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes in BOXARR 6.0

Bug Fixes:

  • Pivot Functions are working again.

  • Function/Field dependencies in export/import are now working with complex parameters that previously failed.

  • ‘Select All’ is working again.

  • Macro record of set-Group-Labels-by-Function is working again.

  • Formats can now use Functions in shared Libraries.

  • Function Labels on Boxes/Groups do not break when a second Model is opened.


  • Unnecessary large Box Packs (1, 5, and 10M) have been removed from ScaleBridge.

  • Overall speed/performance enhancements – nVision is notably faster on large models.

BOXARR 6.0 Launch at DSEI 2019

Date: 10th September 2019 | 13:20

Event: BOXARR 6.0 Launch

Speaker: Dr. Robert Elliott Smith Ph.D. | Chief Technology Officer

Location: Innovation Hub Theatre | BOXARR Stand IH07



BOXARR is a software platform that helps make the complexity of today’s world human readable. BOXARR enables people to collaboratively capture knowledge from both people and disparate data sources, building flexible, Digital Twins at real-world scale (millions of data objects), which become analytical engines for improvement and value realisation. Used in blue-chip companies, Tier 1 Consultancies and at the highest levels of military and government worldwide, BOXARR directly supports decision making, provides clarity on processes, and helps address real-world challenges increasing revenues, security, and resource allocation. BOXARR overcomes complexity in organisational design, systems engineering, programme & sustainment planning, supply-web resilience, joint operational & logistical process, and more. Find out how at

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