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BOXARR achieves 4 Gold Stars at DI2E PlugFest

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

BOXARR with its Alliance Partner ADI Technologies, has received a 4 Gold Star ranking at the recent DI2E PlugFest event held in Virginia, USA, on the 1st and 2nd of June - the culmination of a 3-months effort.

4-star is the highest achievement available from the event; representing compliance and contribution to the four key DI2E governance standards:

  • DI2E SvcV-4 Standards Compliance

  • Availability on the PX (network) and interoperability with other vendor applications

  • A significant contribution to the DI2E knowledge-base

  • DI2E Framework Cyber Awareness and Distributed Development and Test Enterprise (DDTE)

George Barros, BOXARR's US Representative for Government and Military engagement, commented: "We introduced BOXARR to the U.S. Department of Defense Intelligence community with great success. Over twelve weeks, software developers and technicians from across the Government and from other software vendors collaborated to address real-world problem scenarios put forward by the DoD customer. This was not just a showcase with 'canned demonstrations'; BOXARR had to demonstrate how our product could be used in the efficient solution of four challenge areas across a range of mission and operational scenarios. From some initial scepticism that our applications had a place in the Intelligence community, BOXARR not only proved its versatility and value by identifying and solving highly complex challenges of inter-dependency but earned 4 Gold Stars in the process".

DI2E is the US Department of Defense’s (DoD) enterprise architecture component for the Intelligence Mission Area.

As such it is part of the DoD Joint Information Environment and must federate with the other capability architectures across the DoD.

Thus DI2E acts as a bridge between the DoD Joint Information Environment (JIE) and IC Information Technology Enterprise (ICITE).

The DI2E Plugfest is the annual demonstration of advancements in the DI2E.

The purpose is to provide an environment of networked, interoperable and reusable components, the Plugfest eXchange, where vendors are able to deploy and show how their data, tools, and products provide flexible, agile, and data-driven capabilities to Warfighters.

DI2E Plugfest demonstrates real innovation, interoperability, and reuse across the Defense intelligence mission.

It brings industry and DoD programs together to show how technology is changing the future of the DoD ISR environment.

"This event was an outstanding success for BOXARR.", says Fraser Hamilton, BOXARR's VP of Global Alliances.

"The US defense enterprise has enormous and growing challenges of complexity to manage, which was made evident by many of the keynote speakers from across the DoD. We participated in a variety of complex scenarios including - modelling a navy task fleet's response to a typhoon; modelling the complex inter-dependent structure of applications and standards across the DoD CIO to assess commissioning, interoperability, and decommissioning; and supporting the Intelligence Agency's analysis of risks and threats for the RIO Olympic Games. BOXARR's capabilities in this area were extremely well received. Likewise, the opportunity for us to further our opportunities to integrate with other solution providers in the sector was invaluable".

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