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BOXARR invited to present at GVSETS

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

BOXARR is honoured to have been invited to present at the 8th annual NDIA Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering & Technology Symposium (GVSETS) in August. The event also includes the Advanced Planning Briefings for Industry (ABPI).

BOXARR's Chief Science Officer, Dr Robert Smith PhD will be presenting a paper on combating the emerging challenges of complexity in engineering military asset life cycles, with a particular focus on military ground vehicles; entitled "BOXARR the digital thread of inter-dependency management for highly complex systems engineering".

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) is America’s leading Defence Industry association promoting national security and provides a legal and ethical forum for the exchange of information between Industry and Government on National Security issues.

The NDIA fosters the development of the most innovative and superior equipment, training, and support for US warfighters and first responders.

GVSETS and APBI is one of the NDIA's key industry-government-academia events, bringing together more than 1,000 executives, program managers, engineers, and other key decision-makers from Army staff; Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC); Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM), Program Executive Offices (PEOs) for Army and United States Marine Corps (USMC) ground system portfolios.

The event is used to discuss initiatives, programs, plans, and technologies in the ground domain for both manned and unmanned systems.

The BOXARR paper will be available to download from the Resources section of our website following the event.


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