BOXARR broadens its horizon with NATEP project

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

The UK National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) is a 40 million pound programme to mature 100 aerospace technologies and create jobs in the UK supply chain.

NATEP funds new technologies for partnerships of supply chain companies with customer participation and provides a structured process to encourage exploit/position product/manufacturing technologies emanating 'bottom up' from the UK aerospace supply chain.

BOXARR is leading the development of project 'Horizon', in collaboration with Airbus, a valued BOXARR customer, and the UK-based P3M3 consultancy, i3Works (a BOXARR Alliance Partner), who will be provisioning field-test and elevation services.

BOXARR Horizon is a sophisticated "alert propagation" system, which will be incorporated into the BOXARR platform as a "Feature App" in early 2107.

Horizon will enable authorised BOXARR users to monitor multiple user-defined Intranet or Internet text or data feeds, using "keyword" or "KPI" threshold recognition.

Associated "alert impacts" can then be assigned to any Box, Arrow, or Group in a BOXARR model, and those warnings can be propagated across the BOXARR model by Functions. BOXARR users can then subscribe to alerts raised on any given Box, Arrow, or Group within their BOXARR models.

BOXARR Horizon will be an enormously powerful tool for enabling stakeholders to quickly and effectively identify the impacts and effects of compounding risks and quickly respond to events in large complex processes, supply chains, and engineering programmes; with significant potential for reducing impacts on time, quality, risk exposure, insurance premiums and other knock-on costs.

For more information on how BOXARR Horizon could help optimise your operational performance, please contact us today.

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