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BOXARR at Stormont - Best Practice in Complexity Management

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

BOXARR's Vice President of Aerospace & Defence, Martin Hamilton, recently presented to the Northern Ireland Partnering for Growth event held at Stormont and attended by the First Minister of Northern Ireland RH Arlene Foster MA.

Launched in 2014, the ten-year strategy for the aerospace, defence, security and space industry in Northern Ireland is led by ADS, implemented by industry and supported by Invest Northern Ireland.

Over 100 local, national and international industry representatives gathered in the Long Gallery, Parliament Buildings to recognise those working to build Northern Ireland’s reputation for excellence in aerospace technology.

Martin presented BOXARR's engagement with the NATEP programme and our strategies for helping the A&D industry to optimise the management and performance of its supply chain through the BOXARR platform and new feature applications such as Horizon. "We see BOXARR playing an increasingly vital role in the A&D sector.", says Martin, "Everything is becoming more complex, systems-integrated and interdependent, and this trend simply won't stop.

So the industry needs to get to grips with the challenges this brings, but the right tools in their armoury to combat it, and ensure that managing complexity is at the heart of their approach to best practice. Without doubt, BOXARR is leading the way in effective complex systems management."

Marcus Bryson, Chairman of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ Aerospace Hub, said: “A primary objective of this regional strategy was to extend the international reach of the aerospace supply chain through technological developments, and performance enhancement to target increased work share on major aircraft platforms worldwide.

Impressively, every major global commercial aircraft programme uses structures, components and expert services from Northern Ireland. The 60 strong clusters of aerospace business in Northern Ireland already play a full and meaningful part in UK aerospace development.”

Paul Everitt, CEO of ADS Group added: “Partnering for Growth is a great success and demonstrates the importance of government and industry working together to deliver more long-term, high-value jobs. The support companies can access to improve productivity, to develop their own technology and to access important international customers is making a real difference".

First Minister Arlene Foster welcomed the significant progress that has been made since the launch of the strategy with a 30% increase in annual sector revenues and employment levels nearing 10,000 high-skilled jobs: "This growth demonstrates the ability of the Northern Ireland, companies operating in this important sector who have focused on skills, supply chain development, research and development, sales and exports to boost their competitiveness in the sector".

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