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BOXARR attending Industry Support Chain Seminar

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Modernising Defence Support

Joint MoD/Industry Support Chain Seminar 2018

18th October 2018, at BAWA Centre, 589 Southmead Rd, Bristol BS34 7RF

“A timely event, given that the Defence Support Network - Transformation [DSN(T)] programme heralds a whole set of new approaches”

BOXARR will be attending and exhibiting at Support Chain Seminar '18 on 18th October, at BAWA.

The Defence Support Network - an evolution of the Joint Supply Chains – encapsulates the increasing complexity of logistics, information and the enabling activities for defence on operations and the preparation of force elements for operations. SCS18 turns a spotlight on modernising defence support, predicated on the drivers for change and the operational imperative for ‘smarter support.

Attending SCS18 will enable you to better understand the drivers around defence support modernisation and DSN(T), the MOD’s evolving roadmap that seeks Industry engagement such as innovative, step-change approaches, opportunities, potential issues and more.

Learn from presentations from key MOD figures closely involved with transforming the Defence Support Network – as well as Industry counter-parts and engage in the debate via panel sessions and networking; note capabilities of exhibitors and benchmark against current and proposed future state; celebrate achievements in defence support in our ‘new for SCS18’ our TD-Info Recognition Awards for Defence Support.

It’s well attested that through-life defence support is for the long-term and commands the larger share of total costs. Smarter support benefits from better insights from timely, good quality data and analysis yielding rich, actionable information about the assets in use – leading to better decision-making and superior operational effect, as well as cost savings through efficiency and effectiveness gains.

Information is the lifeblood that needs to circulate securely and, increasingly, on a defence enterprise basis - rather than being ‘siloed’, to fully exploit its potential value. Hence, a fundamental need for close engagement between Industry partners and the MOD, viewing challenges and opportunities via a ‘Team Defence’ perspective. SCS18 provides a trusted forum for the imperative of joint working to modernise defence support.

Hosted at the BAWA Centre, conveniently close to MOD Abbey Wood, SCS18 is a well-established annual event that brings MOD and Industry together in an informal, yet purposeful context. SCS18 provides a timely opportunity to explore the ‘many moving parts’ to DSN(T) and how transformation needs to embrace ‘people, processes and technology’ in modernising defence support.

About the annual Support Chain Seminar Event

The Support Chain Seminar – jointly planned by MOD and Industry (via Team Defence Information) is a well-established and valued one-day event that enables valuable communication and information sharing on defence support.

Attracting over 200 from MOD and Industry, it brings together senior figures - from defence, academia and other sectors – sharing varied perspectives that enhance mutual understanding, showcase innovation, help improve alignment, coherence and bench-marking and develop insights in the context of an enterprise perspective of defence. SCS provides sound networking opportunities across Team Defence and with academia and other sectors.


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