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BOXARR v5.6 Released

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

We are delighted to announce the release of Version 5.6 of the BOXARR platform, as part of our development team's biannual release program. BOXARR 5.6 brings a range of powerful application enhancements and valuable new features.

Platform Enhancements

  • Performance

  • Various underlying performance enhancements have been incorporated to enable BOXARR to perform faster than ever on a massive scale.

  • Security

  • Users, User Groups, and User Role control have now been moved into the BOXARR Scalebridge Portal, for greater security and control of users' accessibility and application functionality.

Token Licensing

BOXARR is committed to providing our customers with both capability and flexibility. To this extent, we have revolutionised our licensing model to a Token-based system.

  • As opposed to the traditional "fixed licensing" system, customers will now procure volumes of 'Tokens' under their licence agreement with BOXARR.

  • The Tokens will then be made available in a Token Bank within your BOXARR ScaleBridge for use by the System Administrators.

  • System Administrators can then apply the Tokens to:

  • enable/disable nVision or nSight capability to users; and to manage the maximum size of models created by selecting from the variety of BOXpacks available.

This approach means that you the customer are now in complete control of your BOXARR estate and have the flexibility to manage your user-licensing and BOXpack level on the fly, as the demands and demographic of your user-base changes.

New in BOXARR nVision

  • Palettes

  • Users can now create and format an unlimited number of 'Types' of Boxes, Arrows, and Groups into a Palette pane. Users can now simply select the Box or Arrow type they wish to utilise from the Palette pane and drag-and-drop into their model.

  • In addition, the Palette pane enables users to select multiple Boxes and automatically 'Group' them in the selected Group Type - with the Group either expanded or collapsed.

  • Distinct Custom Fields on any Box, Arrow, Group Types

  • Users can now create Box, Arrow, Group 'Types' with distinct custom fields. For example: a Box-Type representing a "part" may have fields for 'part-number', 'dimensions', 'weight', etc., whereas a Box-Type representing a "person" may have fields for 'name', 'title/role', 'email address', etc.

  • Custom fields can be numbers, alpha-numerical strings, coordinates, dates, checkboxes, and even URLs.

  • Unlimited Custom Fields

  • Users can now create an unlimited number of custom fields within a given Box, Arrow or Group Type. This capability greatly enhances BOXARR's ability to effectively map existing data information systems such as ERP, PLM, CRM, and other databases, etc.

  • Unlimited Group Types

  • Users can now create an unlimited number of "Group Types" (i.e. Contexts) in which they can group the Boxes in their model. Contextualisation is a fundamental principle of the BOXARR paradigm, so users can now visualise their models through any number of lenses (i.e. Contexts) that relate to their organisation, operation, or challenge.

  • URL Hyperlink Fields & Functions

  • Users can now add custom URL Hyperlink fields to Boxes, Arrows, and Groups.

  • This provides the users with extraordinary capabilities in interfacing their BOXARR models with external information sources, and triggering other activities - for example:

  • clicking on a model object could open a web page - such as an internal share-point page or external website page.

  • clicking on a model object could open an external information resource - such as a corresponding data-sheet, user-manual, contract, or other file/documentation.

  • clicking on a model object could open an instance of BOXARR nSight with its corresponding URL

  • by utilising the mailto:<> function, clicking on a model object automatically open and generate a new email.

  • In addition, Functions created in BOXARR can now return hyperlinks - for example, Fields can be used to determine the location of linked data. Functions can of course be recalled and applied by users on demand; so the integration of hyperlinks provides immensely flexible and powerful analysis capability.

  • Flexible Formatting of Dates and Numbers

  • The formatting of dates and numbers in model objects can be now both customised and automatically applied by Functions. This means that your Box, Arrow, Group 'displays' can match your individual visualisation/reporting requirements.

  • Enhanced Control of Alpha-Numeric String Fields in Functions

  • New standard Functions have been added to enable users with a finer degree of manipulation of String Fields.

New in BOXARR nSight

  • Offline Working

  • nSight now continues to operate when the user is "offline" (i.e. disconnected from the Internet). Map-overlay View capability (such as Google or OSM) is suspended until the user is re-connected to the Internet.

  • Enhanced Dashboard Capabilities

  • The nSight Dashboard capability is continuing to grow with a range of functional enhancements - including:

  • improved ergonomics for creating and titling dashboards

  • ability to define order and colour of pie-charts and graphs

  • ability to add configurable tables and rich text-boxes to dashboards

  • ability to adjust and save dashboard layouts and formatting for easy recall

  • Users can also share "nSight insights" with fellow users across the enterprise, by simply emailing them the URL of the dashboard they are viewing. Recipients clicking on the URL link will automatically open an nSight instance with the same views, configuration, and filters, etc.

  • Enhanced Filtering

  • nSight now has advanced filtering capabilities. Users can select any combinations of filters which can then be applied to the model they are viewing.

  • Selected filters are then automatically applied to all other nSight views (i.e. map-view, network-view, tables-view, pivot-view, and dashboard view).

BOXARR's CEO, Alasdair Pettigrew, says

"BOXARR 5.6 represents another significant advancement in both usability and application value across the BOXARR platform. Our customers are at the heart of our business and we are constantly listening and learning from them, and then applying this knowledge to our development cycle. Likewise, by moving BOXARR to a Token-based licensing system, we are empowering our customers with complete flexibility in how they can utilise and grow their BOXARR estate to achieve maximum ROI.

We are extremely proud of the works achieved by our development team under the leadership of Rob Smith as CTO, and Steve Jonik as Chief Architect. BOXARR is a truly unique paradigm, and we look forward to continuing to help our customers effectively manage their risks and optimise their operational performance in ways no other tool or platform can. Upgrade to BOXARR v5.6 Today

BOXARR customers with active subscriptions can upgrade to BOXARR V5.6 with immediate effect. We encourage all our customers to upgrade their platform at the earliest opportunity, so users can take advantage of the new enhancements and features.

If you would like to discuss your upgrade, please speak to your BOXARR Account Director, or contact us directly.

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