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Digital Twin: 'The Myth and The Vision'

Updated: 2 days ago

We are very pleased to announce BOXARR’s new white paper. The document has been written by our CTO, Dr Robert Elliott Smith, who explains the challenges of a complex world, the Digital Twin Myth, and BOXARR’s vision for Digital Twin’s that enable human readable complexity.

For a deep dive into our White Paper:


This is just the first of more white papers and updates to come!

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Author: Dr Robert Elliott Smith

Contact: rob.smith@boxarr.com



BOXARR is a software platform that helps make the complexity of today’s world human readable. BOXARR enables people to collaboratively capture knowledge from both people and disparate data sources, building flexible, Digital Twins at real-world scale (millions of data objects), which become analytical engines for improvement and value realisation. Used in blue-chip companies, Tier 1 Consultancies and at the highest levels of military and government worldwide, BOXARR directly supports decision making, provides clarity on processes, and helps address real-world challenges increasing revenues, security, and resource allocation. BOXARR overcomes complexity in organisational design, systems engineering, programme & sustainment planning, supply-web resilience, joint operational & logistical process, and more. Find out how at www.boxarr.com.

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