What’s your System Thinking of the World?

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Interdependent Thinking is a true system view of the world.

One of the significant characteristics of the emerging digital era is interdependence, due to the latest digital technologies such as social and mobile, the business and world have become hyper-connected and interdependent, it does make a smaller world, but also makes businesses and the world super complex and full of uncertainty and ambiguity. Hence, in order to solve both strategic and technical problems facing in business and overcome the challenges facing mankind, interdependent thinking shall be practiced, it is about how you apply system thinking to view the world and an interconnected and interdependent whole; and how to follow systems principles for solving problems under complex, uncertain and ambiguous circumstances?

Any "Thing" we study can be thought of as either a "System" or a "Component."

Everything and everyone is part of one huge system: our universe. and things are also interdependent in the system. System Thinking implies that we realize that everything really is a System when we get down to it. For a certain specific context, we may decide to trea