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Masterplan for Australia

Australia's submarine industry has been given a much needed boost, with confirmation in the Defense White Paper that the Government will order 12 new vessels as part of its future submarine program. The Australian Government yet to announce who will build submarines and where, but the much-delayed decision on who will build the subs, and where, will not be made until the middle of the year. Japan is seen as the front-runner to win the $50 billion contract and the Turnbull Government has pledged to keep as much work in Adelaide as it can. Masterplan Corporation, BOXARR's Adelaide-based Alliance Partner in Australia is working on a number of defense contract initiatives, which are aligning with the strategies set out in the Defense White Paper. Anthony O'Grady, Masterplan's Managing Director says, "There has been a long period of consolidation within the Australian defense sector. The release of the Government's Defense White Paper is providing the framework for industry to negotiate and initiate contracts across a range of maritime, land and air programs. We clearly see BOXARR's potential to play an invaluable role in helping organisations like the ASC (Australian Submarine Corporation) effectively manage the enormous complexity involved in these programs. There's simply no other tool which can support the massive scale of complexity involved, particularly when programs are delivered in consortium. The levels in inter-dependency are mind boggling, but must be properly managed in order to ensure programs can be delivered to schedule and the impact risks associated with over-runs and over-spends are identified and mitigated." Masterplan operates as a strategic consultancy across multiple industry sectors in Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines and Guam. The company is growing awareness of BOXARR's unique Integrated Systems Management capabilities and value propositions with both government and key industry organisations across the region in defense, aerospace, mining, energy and manufacturing.

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