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When The Digital Thread Becomes A Digital Tapestry


This use case is based on a real-world BOXARR proof of concept, where our customer is a leading producer and processor of multi-filament polyester and nylon textured yarns. They provide innovative, global textile solutions and unique branded yarns for customers at every level of the supply chain.

Their vast range of capabilities, state-of-the-art machinery and automation provide them with the needed flexibility to competitively operate on a global platform. Our client's core business consists of the manufacturing of partially-oriented yarn, the texturing, air-jet texturing, twisting, and beaming of polyester and the texturing and covering of nylon filament yarns. Additionally, they have a large package dyeing operation, where they can dye a wide range of substrates. Our client’s yarns can be found in many products, including apparel, hosiery, automotive, industrial applications and home and contract furnishings.

Their Challenge 



Textile production requires a scientifically driven process to meet critical performance requirements such as sub-zero temperatures; weather resistance; flexibility; and weight reduction in thread-types and finished fabrics. All supported by a highly specialised and distributed global supply-chain. Indeed, few industries have such a high level of collaboration between raw material developers and finished goods suppliers. 

BOXARR’s client, a leading global textile developer, and producer, have been grappling with this challenge for some years, and recently embraced BOXARR software to unravel the complex inter-dependencies involved in supplying materials to brands such Nike and North Face. 


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