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BOXARR at CityForum Defence round table

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Re-imagining defence acquisition and rethinking power projection mean securing the UK national interest.

'Intelligent Defence - Maximising Smart Power and Public Value' is a programme of round tables, analytical papers and conclaves arranged by Cityforum in association with the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre of MOD.

This round table is the first of two top-level full-day round tables which bookend four smaller conclave discussions.

The intention of the project is to provide a report to ministers and officials who will be engaged in a Corporate Social Responsibility that falls in a particularly difficult period for those that have to engage in its navigation.

The ambition of these events is to establish what is the UK national interest and suggest the strategy and capability required in circumstances where traditional ‘steady as she goes incrementalism’ is unlikely to provide the nation with the security it requires.