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Mitigate hidden risks and reveal opportunities with Interactive Dashboards

BOXARR’s unique, efficient, elegant functions framework creates visualisation-driven calculations across your boxes-and-arrows model, to convert complexity into insights that deliver real value.

  • User-customisable dashboards of charts and graphs.

  • Simple drag & drop design capability.

  • Full interactivity to change visualisations of selected criteria.

  • Live-links to data from the model database.

  • Effective analyses of status, performance, and impacts.

BOXARR Platform

BOXARR's 'humanisation' of systems-modeling is now having a profound effect on some of the world's largest organisations, enabling people to respond to the challenges tactically and strategically.

Design, build, analyse & manage a Digital Twin of your Organisation

Build models of your organisation's ecosystem using boxes and arrows modeling approach.

  • Boxes can represent concepts, parts, people, process steps, etc.

  • Arrows can represent all their possible relationships (owns, assembles-into, applies-to, etc.).

  • Focusing and filtering to multi-contextual Groups over these intuitive boxes-and-arrows models makes real-world scale and complexity human readable.

Build models of your organisation's ecosystem using boxes and arrows modelling approach. 

BOXARR's powerful combination of collaboration, integration, visualisation, focus-and-filter features, functional analyses and dashboards distributes the ability to see through complexity, and leverages the insights of people and processes across your enterprise.

Visualise, navigate, filter the model & create and run functional analysis

  • Navigate massive-scale system models quickly and intuitively.

  • Expand and collapse Groups to any desired depth of granularity.

  • View model data in multiple Contextual groupings.

  • Filter models to a combination of parameters, groups, and contexts.

  • Filter models from any object up/down-stream, critical-path, etc.

  • Assign any data to model objects (Boxes, Arrows, Groups).

  • Create & save any number of functional analyses (like spreadsheet formulas).

  • Click to perform analyses over the model to visualise results.

  • Reveal inherent/hidden interdependencies and risks.

  • Identify how to optimise operational performance

Optimise programme management, time and cost factors with Gantt Chart View

For boxes that represent tasks, and arrows that represent their precedence, BOXARR can automatically derive a resource-scenario-constrained, discrete-event-simulation based schedule from your model. Finding critical paths is a one-click operation, and Monte Carlo simulation reveals the effect of time-and-cost uncertainties.

  • Integrate a programme scheduler and optimiser.

  • Convert model data into a programme Gantt Chart.

  • Auto-adapt Gantt to model visualisations, filters and analyses.

  • Auto-select objects in model visualisations by selecting objects in the Gantt.

  • Export to/from MS Project.

Proven Performance and Value

democratised  |  flexible  |  scalable  |  powerful

nSight BOXARR dashboards _8 Dark

Leverage the value of your System Models

You can view models as map overlays with pop-up MI and KPI panels. Data-and-function driven dashboard widgets include networks, maps, tables, charts, pivots, and more. Dashboards are user-specifiable, dynamic layouts of these widgets, that can be customised for different user bases across your enterprise.

  • Hover over locations for pop-ups.

  • Configurable pop-up data for management information.

  • Configurable pop-up data for key performance indicators.

BOXARR Dashboard Visual - Screenshot
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