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Solution Support

We will provide personalised support to help achieve your business objectives.


Work directly with Certified BOXARR Professionals



Our experts understand a wide range of business problems and are ready to solve them. Our consultants will work with all aspects of your organisation - from executives to production workers, commanders to field personnel - and will help you to identify challenges 
and formulate effective solutions.

We support your solution investment with a comprehensive range of consultative services

Analysing and identifying the challenges facing your organisation

Designing the constructs of your BOXARR model(s)

Managing solution implementation and adoption

Understanding your organisational goals and aspirations

Identifying and mapping your disparate data sources

Producing detailed implementation programme documentation

Formulating effective strategies and outcomes

Designing effective analyses to meet your requirements

Provisioning on-going consultative support to optimise your organisational performance

Designing BOXARR model architectures that scale with your organisation

Producing detailed operating documentation

And other bespoke
consultative services


Bespoke Consultancy Services

572 %


Solution Consultants

Our Solution Engineers and Consultants have the expertise to work as an extension of your team, ensuring our solutions have strategic impacts on your organisation.

Certified Alliance Partners

Our partner ecosystem is an extension of our team. We focus on strong alliances that allow us to deliver the most innovative technology no matter what industry you are in.


Formulate your strategic BOXARR implementation



Our Experts will work with you to help to make sure that the implementation is responsive, strong and goes smoothly.

  • Software installation (server-side, client-side)

  • Data aggregation and mapping

  • Data ingestion/export (routine and cyclic)

  • Model building

  • Analysis and reporting design

  • Dashboard customisation



Sharpen your professional skills



Your organisation's knowledge and intelligence is dispersed over a wide array of disparate systems, applications, media, and personnel. At BOXARR we firmly believe that collaboration between humans and machines is key to identifying challenges and solving problems.

Our collaborative workshop sessions are held on customer sites, where personnel collaborate under the guidance of a highly-experienced BOXARR Consultant, to build effective

models that solve your challenges. 

10 years

of workshop experience


We offer training for both Platform Administrators and Platform Users 

Education for roles across your business


If you can simply draw Boxes and Arrows, then you're half-way to becoming a BOXARR expert!

In collaboration with our Alliance Partners, we provide BOXARR training programmes to achieve the maximum value from your investment. The training can be delivered either on-site, or remotely via web collaboration.


Tell us more about your challenges!

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