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Turn the complexity of Project and Process Management into Clear Procedural Understanding

BOXARR reduces project and process time, cost, and risk by turning project and process “spaghetti” into clear, procedural understanding that spans the organisation. 


Through collaboration, data ingestion, connecting knowledge beyond Gantt charts, and a unique representation - the BOXARR platform facilitates human readability of projects and processes with real-world scale, BOXARR is a unique addition to your organisation's project and process management maturity.

Optimise Complex Projects & Processes

By focusing on interdependencies of tasks and collaboration of stakeholders, BOXARR goes beyond the decades-old project tools that constrain understanding today.

BOXARR nSight Dashboard - Screenshot

ROI Case Study

United States Navy

Capturing Latent, At-Risk Knowledge

ROI 572%

Use Case

Major Defence Contractor

Process Streamlining

Make the Complexity of your Projects and Processes Readable

BOXARR focuses on diagrams of interdependency as their primary data objects, and derives time-based representations and analyses on the fly. This, combined with BOXARR’s unique multi-grouping approach, allows both individual users and stakeholder groups to focus on any challenge, at any time.

Bar Chart Visual
Complexity Mangement

The real interdepencies in your projects and processes are hidden in overlapping Gantt chart bars, disparate databases and spreadsheets, and the heads of your domain experts. BOXARR can ingest them all into a common, understandable process or project model.

Unlike most models of projects and processes, that prove hard to adapt to new situations, and are ultimately thrown away, BOXARR documents both the as-intended and actual execution of projects and processes, so that they become permanent knowledge resources for new plans and processes as your business grows.

Capture and Reuse Existing Knowledge on Projects and Processes

Knowledge Management

Move Beyond Constraints by Adding Custom Data and Flexible Analysis

 BOXARR’s unique ability to add custom data and analytics to any model means you can move beyond the constraints of project and process management conventions, to insights that connect to other critical aspects particular of your business, like supply chains, engineered systems, and much more. 

Flexible Analysis
Risk Management

Note Overlooked Interdependencies and Mitigate Risks

BOXARR’s ability to adapt analytics and make complexity human readable means that overlooked interdepencies are noted early, causing the right conversations to happen before trouble arises, thus mitigating risks. 

Change Management
Address Change Immediately

 Expert project and process managers know that the only constant is change. BOXARR allows a collaborative community of stakeholders to come together to address changes, with focused workshops, scenario planning, and documentation of mitigation strategies, saving time and money.

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