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Organisational Capability & Lifecycle Planning

 Mitigate risk and enhance your operational performance by war-gaming change across your organisation. 

BOXARR enables you to readily reflect and evolve the state of your organisation and capabilities; simulating the effects of change to support effective decision-making.

BOXARR nVision Modelling Visual - Screenshot

Create a Digital Twin of your Entire Organisation

BOXARR enables you to quickly and effectively construct a Digital Twin model of your organisation by leveraging your existing information systems and eliciting knowledge from your personnel.


UK Government | Efficiently Understanding Organisational Complexity

Organisational and Capability Planning

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Digital Twin

Powerful Data Insight and Analysis

Powerful visualisation, filtering and data functions allow you to create views of your organisation which can be customised to display the relevant information for user-groups across your enterprise.

Why a Digital Twin of your Organisation will transform the way you make business decisions forever

Pan-Organisational Collaboration

Stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts, and Operational Personnel across your enterprise can collaborate in evolving BOXARR Models to reflect changes, manage resulting impacts and exploit new opportunities.

Enhance Management of Capability Lifecycle

By modelling the interdependencies across the entire lifecycle of your capabilities, BOXARR enables you to effectively design, plan and manage their adoption, operation, evolution and withdrawl.

Effectively Manage Change

By war-gaming proposed changes to your organisation and capabilities, BOXARR can visualise and analyse the propagating effects; identifying risk and revealing opportunity to assure change-management.

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