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This Case Study is the capture of how a global scale consultancy* has dealt with organisational complexity challenges, focusing on lowering the costs of modelling a large-scale complex organisation and solving challenges particularly relating to budgets and time constraints/overruns. 

This ROI Case Study relates to The Government offering a public (nonmilitary) service at a national scale, against a critical social objective.

However, in general, it could apply to almost any enterprise of that scale. 
This Case Study demonstrates the lowering of cost in modelling a large-scale complex organisation to solve budget and time of delivery challenges as well as providing an illustration of how we help our partner–consultancies bring value to their clients.


Efficiently Understanding Organisational Complexity

Global Scale Consultancy | UK Government



Our Customer*

The end customer is a UK National Agency delivering one of the most critical aspects of social service across the entire country. They employ approximately 4000 people and have an annual budget of approximately 450 million GBP. BOXARR software was used for a delivery of consultancy and modelling services being delivered by global-scale consultancy. Our partner has delivered a critical aspect of national social services.

* As we always want to protect our client provacy we have not mentioned the Cleint's and our Partner's name.

Their Challenge 

The UK National Agency allocate budget against a wide variety of activities, which are a part of complex processes and procedures.

Each process leads to an expected impact on various large-scale social initiatives.

These impacts can be quantified, as can the time taken to achieve stated objectives, solved as functions on the budgets assigned to various activities.

Therefore, the client wanted a BOXARR model that articulated their processes, the budget placed against them, and the impact on objectives, so that they could examine different scenarios of how they deploy resources and the impacts on their various high-level objectives.

Each of these efforts requires different procedures and funding of different activities, which is the point of their wanting to construct a model. 

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Efficiently Understanding Organisational Complexity | Global Scale Consultancy | UK Government

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Why did our end client have this problem?
Our end client’s complexity challenges expanded in highly interdependent ways as the institution became an aggregation of a number of national agencies.

As a result, they had to work closely with a number of regional branches. 

The aggregation reflected the globalisation of their function but also brought with it complex scale and coordination challenges.

What were our client's expected outcomes?
Our end client wished to be able to understand the effects of the budget on achieving their many goals, for instance, to justify how they are meeting the current goals of government. 
The consultancy firm that created the model had the secondary outcome of reducing the time and cost associated with addressing a challenge like this, which is the primary basis upon which this ROI case is built.
The BOXARR Solution was selected because of its unique ability to handle scale and interdependency. 

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