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BOXARR Applications

BOXARR's 'humanisation' of systems-modeling is now having a profound effect on some of the world's largest organisations, enabling people to respond to the challenges tactically and strategically.

flexible  |  democratised  |  scalable  |  non-invasive  |  lifecycle  |  open  predictable

BOXARR nVision

Power User Desktop Application

Provides a toolset to build models that reflect your organization's complex systems, empowering rights-managed users with an unparalleled capability to create solutions to their specific requirements.


Flexible and Versatile Browser Application

Allows users to create dashboards via a secure web browser interface, enabling wider audience engagement, propagating insights across and between people and organisations. 

BOXARR ScaleBridge

Server Side Application

Administrates licensing, security, collaboration and data transportation between nVision and nSight users and the ScaleBridge server.

BOXARR Modelling View - Screenshot
nSight BOXARR dashboards _5_Dark


nSight BOXARR dashboard = visual
BOXARR nVision Model View - Screenshot

BOXARR ScaleBridge is the engine-room for your BOXARR Platform estate


Your Cloudspace


Data Base

nVision Users


nSight Users


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