Managed Services

Work directly with our experts to solve your organisation's biggest challenges and get bespoke services for your organisation's individual requirements from BOXARR Certified Alliance Partners. 

Our approach

We enable your organisation to quickly and effectively leverage the value of the BOXARR platform to optimise your operational performance, without re-purposing your existing personnel or taking on additional head-count. We also ensure that the operation of your BOXARR platform can be migrated to in-house personnel as a managed adoption process.

We will partner with you to find the right approach.


Here's how we can help
We accelerate your performance

Accelerate your performance and optimise operations by outsourcing 'capability'. We provide a holistic portfolio of managed services to operate your investment into the BOXARR solution.


We tailor to your requirements

Our service programmes are tailored to your organisation's individual requirements and are delivered as a value-add to your BOXARR license subscription. There is no need to re-purpose existing personnel and no need to take on additional head-count.

We help you implement BOXARR

We will help you to - Implement BOXARR Applications - Design, build, and operate models - Aggregate, ingest, and export data - Manage organic propagation and planned roll-out - Manage staged migration to in-house personnel

Choose the right services for you

BOXARR Certified Professionals are individuals involved in the selling and implementation of BOXARR. Depending on your organisation's needs you can choose either to work with us directly or work with one of our Alliance Partners. If you prefer to build a long term collaboration with us we offer Professional Service Contracts tailored to your needs.


No matter what you choose, you will receive the highest quality of services.

Certified Professionals
On Site or Remotely
Professional Services Contract

Tell us more about your challenges!

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