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Map and Analyse Supply-Chains and Value-Webs

BOXARR is uniquely suited to mapping the complex global supply chains of today's highly-engineered products. It can improve every aspect of your business operations with visibility, and proactive, timely analytics.

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Supplier Mapping for Portfolios of Complex Products

BOXARR enables the discovery, understanding, and optimisation of your entire supply chain network and enables you to build a Digital Twin of your Supply Chain. Unlike other tools, entire product structures and their interdependencies are represented within a BOXARR model. A BOXARR model is a configurable value stream map that allows analysis at any scale and is tailored to visualise only what's most important to its stakeholders through intuitive dashboards.


BOXARR lets you stitch disparate networks together such as purchasing, supplier and programme management, corporate risk and responsibility, quality control, engineering, logistics, sales, and operations. The model can be quickly built and maintained from existing data sources such as an ERP system, and it can exploit the collaborative participation of many stakeholders.


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Airbus | Global Supply Chain Mapping

Overcoming Complexity in a Massive Global Supply Chain

You will benefit from

Cost Reduction

Resource Release

Cash Release

Increased Sales

Improved Brand Image

Integrate and break down data silos across your business

Pro-active Risk Management

Risks are rarely linear, they compound. Seeing the whole is important. Rank, prioritise, plan and track how you continuously manage risk.


BOXARR allows you to pro-actively manage risk and identify opportunities, helping to avoid unnecessary incidents where possible, and making your supply chain more robust and cost-effective. And when the unavoidable does happen, you will be better-equipped to understand the impact, plan your collaborative response, and execute that response quickly and with confidence.

  • Identify structural weaknesses like highly interconnected sub-tier suppliers.

  • Identify specific risks from suppliers with rare equipment.

  • Understand geographic related risk.

  • Be wary of risk due to poor visibility on parts of your supply chain.

  • Overlay financial health data, and any other risk, all in the context of the whole value stream.

Business Advantges

Informed Responses to Events

You can coordinate your response immediately without wasting resource and time figuring out what it means to you.

When something happens or can be predicted to happen, you know what the impact paths are. Whether it's a natural event like an earthquake, a merger or an acquisition, geopolitical event like Brexit, a supplier fire, or anything else, you can see

who is involved, what, where, and by when.


Optimised Supplier Development

The supply chain is a web of dependency.


  • Focus on the right suppliers and their suppliers.

  • Coordinate your partners' supplier development resources, also regional, national, and international industrial groupings.

  • Influence policy at all levels with your understanding and the legitimacy of your arguments.


Coherent Commodity Strategies

Each element of the value stream map can be organised into multiple hierarchies. For example, commodity, part-family, material group etc. This gives you the transverse lenses through which to navigate and segment your supply chain.



Intelligent Supply Chain Design and Work Transfers

In an ideal world, you would model proposed supply chain solutions in BOXARR from the beginning.


"If we'd visualised the supply chain in BOXARR as it evolved we'd have done things very differently" is a frequent refrain.


BOXARR lets you do the subjective and quantitative trades that are difficult to do but necessary to avoid poor outcomes. BOXARR enables you to make intelligent trades from bid to product end-of-life, and show your customer that you are in control.


Assured Production Readiness

Your sub-tier suppliers must be at rate before your tier 1 partners. Yet you have less visibility on their capacity and their ability to increase it. They are also one or more steps removed from your demand signal via your tier 1 suppliers, and the signal from their other end customers. Better visibility of who they are, and how they feed into multiple common tier 1 suppliers helps you do more to guarantee success. 


Powerful Advocacy

With a BOXARR Supply Chain Map, you can leverage your economic arguments for winning business (e.g. Offsets), getting tax concessions or receive R&D investments. BOXARR enables you to show your industrial contribution in key electoral regions helping forge political support for big contracts.

Expanded Supply Chain mapping enables you to demonstrate why trade negotiations or national investment programmes are important helping you advance your interests. You will be able to demonstrate your sovereignty of supply or healthy competition in the sub-tiers which can determine the success of the winning bids.


We lead your organisation to these benefits

Cost Reduction

Better unit cost, reduced insurance premiums, lower expedite and penalty costs.

Resource Release

Reduced non-value reporting, crisis management and leadership distraction. Better targeted initiatives.

Cash Release

Reduced lead-times, higher through-put, lower capital expenditure, and less stock to manage risk

Improved Brand Image

Improved customer satisfaction, celebrated economic contribution, enhanced governance, and corporate responsibility

Increased Sales

Improved advocacy (e.g. Offset), greater customer confidence, more competitive,  and responsive supply chain.

Business Benefits

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