Thinking Outside The Box | Breakthrough Magazine

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Everyone likes to think they know their business inside out, but just how strong a grasp do you have on every single aspect of your operation? Could you tell us about the full life-cycle of a product, or the productivity of your overseas factory? And what impact does the one have upon the other?

With the BOXARR software platform, businesses can take in a complete overview of their organisation at a glance and bring their human expertise and disparate data sources together in a comprehensible and meaningful way. We sat down with Fraser Hamilton, Vice President of Global Alliances, to unpack the concept

The original concept for BOXARR came from an R&D engagement with a global aerospace OEM. At the time the OEM was trying to understand how to deal with very complex challenges within its organisation, and to see the connectivity between the design of its products and the manufacturing and maintenance processes. The founders of what would become BOXARR – who include two process excellence engineers and an AI expert – had their epiphany when they stepped back from the customer and really thought about the crux of the underlying problem.