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Making waves in Defence Down Under

Updated: Feb 20

BOXARR's VP of Global Alliances, Fraser Hamilton, recently represented BOXARR at the Australian Land Forces 2016 Conference, in Adelaide, South Australia.

Fraser was accompanied by BOXARR's local Alliance Partner in Adelaide, Masterplan, who have been introducing BOXARR's unique and powerful application paradigm to the Australian defence sector.

"There is a tremendous amount of energy in the Australian Defence Force", says Fraser, "with many significant programmes planned or underway. We had a packed itinerary of meetings with representatives from the Australian military and government, and with local defence-industry primes and consultancies, who clearly see the burgeoning challenges of complexity ahead, and the value of BOXARR in helping to manage and optimise their risk exposure and operational performance. We're looking forward to getting started on a number of projects we will be able to announce in due course".

Fraser will be returning to Australia in November to progress these initiatives and to represent BOXARR at the Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA) Biennial Conference 2016 in Canberra. "Now that the Australian Future Subs Programme has been awarded by the government, the focus has quickly shifted from "ARE we going to do this" to "HOW are we going to do this".

This will be the first conference of the SIA 'post-award', so it's an important time to get to grips with the enormously complex challenges ahead across the entire programme, such as contracts, systems-engineering & integration, supply chain, process, production scheduling, and programme inter-dependency planning & execution."

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