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BOXARR USA incorporation to drive its North American business

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Strong growth and potential in North American markets have motivated BOXARR to formally incorporate in the USA as "BOXARR Inc". "This is a clear statement of intent.", says Scott Fisher, BOXARR's VP for North America, "In collaboration with our Alliance Partners we are building a tremendous engagement across the US government, military, and the North American aerospace & defense industry. Also, we are beginning to enter other domains in line with our global strategies, such as energy, automotive, and health - where effective complexity management capability is desperately needed. Incorporating BOXARR in the US is our way of planting our flag and saying we're here, and we're investing in our future in North America." BOXARR currently operates with personnel located in Boston, Seattle, and Florida and will be recruiting to further build the North America team in the coming weeks - stay tuned!


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