How Is BOXARR’s Approach to Artificial Intelligence Different?

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

At BOXARR we spend all of our time innovating, planning and executing ways to make BOXARR indispensable in solving the world’s most complex problems. A significant element of this innovation involves harnessing and embodying ideas, experiences and technology from Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) into our software platform. Traditionally, the term "A.I." has been difficult to define, but one way is to focus on what it fundamentally enables humans to achieve. In that sense, A.I. is any technology that enables humans to successfully cope with, and solve, “thinking” problems that are beyond human capacity without assistance.

Based on this definition, BOXARR’s approach to A.I. is distinct and innovative. Consider for a moment what I believe are the four fundamental, real-world approaches to delivering A.I. (as defined in this way). All of these approaches are valid, and each has its own merits to answer certain business, social, economic and engineering problems, but we believe BOXARR’s is the most powerful and unique.

There are three typical existing approaches that build one on the other:

The “Black-Box” Approach: This involves a powerful comput