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BOXARR and i3Works partnership delivering innovative solutions

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

13th May 2019, Bristol UK

BOXARR is delighted to announce a partnership with a fast-growing Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (P3M) company i3Works.

BOXARR provides a modelling tool that uniquely addresses the growing challenges of complex, interdependent systems. BOXARR’s ‘humanisation’ of systems-modelling is having a profound effect on some of the world’s largest organisations, enabling people to respond to the challenges tactically and strategically, reflecting the breadth, depth, and fidelity of interdependencies.

Accompanied by i3Work’s in-depth knowledge of P3M (project, programme and portfolio), Project Controls and Business Change skillsets, i3Works will work with their clients to provide specialised services relating to the BOXARR platform. With vast experience across both public and private sectors, i3Works, working with BOXARR, will demonstrate real benefit to all their current and future clients.

“The complexity of systems, programs and organisations is burgeoning...”, says Fraser Hamilton, BOXARR’s Vice President for Global Alliances, “and we are delighted that i3Works have joined the BOXARR Alliance Partner community. i3Works provide a rich channel of knowledge and hands-on expertise which our end-users with can draw upon to drive value-generation from their BOXARR Digital Twin Models and to optimise their operational performance.”

i3Works is currently offering BOXARR training, implementation and support services on G-Cloud. To find out more contact


BOXARR is a software platform that helps make the complexity of today’s world human readable. BOXARR enables people to collaboratively capture knowledge from both people and disparate data sources, building flexible, Digital Twins at real-world scale (millions of data objects), which become analytical engines for improvement and value realisation. Used in blue-chip companies, Tier 1 Consultancies and at the highest levels of military and government worldwide, BOXARR directly supports decision making, provides clarity on processes, and helps address real-world challenges increasing revenues, security, and resource allocation. BOXARR overcomes complexity in organisational design, systems engineering, programme & sustainment planning, supply-web resilience, joint operational & logistical process, and more. Find out how at


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