BOXARR positioned to support India

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

BOXARR is delighted to announce our partnership with a distinguished Indian solution provider, Zeus Numerix. Zeus Numerix is a leading Indian computer-aided engineering company; delivering solutions from industrial application design optimisation to holistic product design, research, and development. From its offices in Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore, Zeus Numerix provides services and solutions to customers in India and around the world. Zeus Numerix has been appointed as BOXARR's Certified Solution Provider for India and will operate as BOXARR's representatives in the region; provisioning and supporting BOXARR solutions into India's government, defense, and enterprise sectors. "Zeus Numerix is an ideal partner for BOXARR", says Fraser Hamilton, BOXARR Director of Global Alliances, "They are customer-focused, have proven technical expertise, and an intelligent, consultative approach to understanding a customer's challenges and providing solutions that deliver tangible value. This fits perfectly with BOXARR's mission. BOXARR and Zeus will be working closely together on developing a range of modelling and analysis solution propositions which meet the specific challenges faced by India's public and private sectors".

Zeus Numerix will be provisioning and supporting BOXARR applications to its customers across a range of commercial solutions. These will include a 'service model' whereby BOXARR's powerful modelling & analysis software applications will be complemented by a number of Zeus' personnel, who are trained and accredited as BOXARR Certified Solution Professionals (BCSPs), and embedded on-site in the customer organisation.

February saw the launch of 'Make in India' week in Mumbai. The Make in India program was launched by Prime Minister Modi in September 2014 as part of a wider set of nation-building initiatives; devised to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub. Make in India is much more than an inspiring slogan. It represents a comprehensive and unprecedented overhaul of outdated processes and policies, and represents a complete change of the Government’s mindset. The Make in India program has been built on layers of collaborative effort. The Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) initiated this process by inviting participation from Union Ministers, Secretaries to the Government of India, state governments, industry leaders, and various knowledge partners. These exercises resulted in a road map for the single largest manufacturing initiative undertaken by a nation in recent history. They also demonstrated the transformational power of public-private partnership, and have become a hallmark of the Make in India program. This collaborative model has also been successfully extended to include India’s global partners. In a short space of time, the obsolete and obstructive frameworks of the past have been dismantled and replaced with a transparent and user-friendly system that is helping drive investment, foster innovation, develop skills, protect IP and build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure. The most striking indicator of progress is the unprecedented opening up of key sectors – including Railways, Defence, Insurance, and Medical Devices – to dramatically higher levels of Foreign Direct Investment. "Make In India is a tremendous collaborative call to action by the Indian State and enterprise.", says BOXARR CEO, Alasdair Pettigrew, "We believe BOXARR's ability to help organisations manage massive-scale complexity and operational inter-dependencies will be of significant value in this process. So, working with our Alliance Partner Zeus Numerix, we will be engaging with government, military, and enterprise organisations across India to support their transformation programs. "There's no doubt that change is challenging, particularly on this scale. BOXARR's unique ability to efficiently model, visualise and computate massive-scale systems and process will enable India's organisations to simulate and analyse the impact of their proposed change strategies. This approach means they can better mitigate risk and optimise their transformation programs. Likewise, with BOXARR implemented, they will have the ongoing capability to streamline and manage their supply chains, design and sustain better operational production processes and optimise their engagements with partners and allies."