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BOXARR announces the v5.8 software release

Updated: Feb 21, 2023


What's new in BOXARR v5.8?

We are delighted to announce the release of BOXARR v.5.8. This release brings a wide range of enhancements and capability improvements – making it even easier for users to build, visualise, analyse and optimise their BOXARR models.

v5.8 has focused on automating many operations that allow users to get value from BOXARR Models, following is a summary of what’s new in the BOXARR platform.

A key improvement in BOXARR nVision 5.8 is the improved possibility to use Macros. Macros now allow the user to automate most of the operations done in BOXARR Modelling, and they can be edited and modified in many new ways.

This feature offers a wide range of new possibilities:

- It allows using of multi-step Macros in coordination with Import/Export Maps to easily integrate BOXARR with multiple third-party data sources

- It is possible to re-execute and even loop Macros (with a custom stopping condition user can design him/herself). This allows Macros to create complete analysis algorithms. By using this capability in conjunction with Import/Export, users can even do complex operations that automatically build and change Models.

- User can use Macros with BOXARR Filters and Formats to generate custom reports on BOXARR Models from a stored menu item that is being designed. This allows to pry through complex Models and even update them using the previously discussed Macro possibilities and recall precisely any analysis.

Another key addition to BOXARR v5.8 is Data Validation.

As it is known, BOXARR can have unlimited data Fields on any Box, Arrow, or Group, with particular combinations of Fields specified by the unlimited number of Box Types, Arrow Types, and Group Types the user can create. Now it is also possible to set bounds on Date and Number Fields, restrict Number Fields to Integers and restrict Alpha-Numeric Fields to a specified list of alternatives (which then become available in the pulldown list in the BOXARR nVision interface). This feature allows instant data validation that is connected to BOXARR’s Errors and Warnings Framework (improved in v5.8), which allows easy search and correction of any data entries that don’t conform to the user's application’s requirements.

BOXARR 5.8 also includes numerous improvements in overall performance, making the power of BOXARR even better.

Upgrade to BOXARR v5.8.

BOXARR customers with active subscriptions are able to upgrade to BOXARR 5.8. We encourage all our customers to upgrade their platform at the earliest opportunity, so users can take advantage of the new enhancements and features. If you would like to discuss your upgrade, please speak to your BOXARR Account Director, or contact us directly.


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