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BOXARR releases BOXARR 7.0

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Today the BOXARR team is very pleased to announce the release of BOXARR 7.0.

It is a major re-architecting of our software that offers new capabilities, features, and ways of making the complexity of your business human-readable, empowering your organization to meet the challenges of today’s world better.

BOXARR 7.0 nSight | User dashboard

What’s new in BOXARR 7.0?

New sign-in and security of the modern enterprise

We have re-architected our back end and clients to facilitate modern single-sign-on procedures. Our new system can support a range of authentication mechanisms to ensure that logging into BOXARR is both easy and secure within your enterprise. Our new Docker architecture has the added benefit of being much simpler to install and update.