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BOXARR releases BOXARR 7.0

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Today the BOXARR team is very pleased to announce the release of BOXARR 7.0.

It is a major re-architecting of our software that offers new capabilities, features, and ways of making the complexity of your business human-readable, empowering your organization to meet the challenges of today’s world better.

BOXARR 7.0 nSight | User dashboard

What’s new in BOXARR 7.0?

New sign-in and security of the modern enterprise

We have re-architected our back end and clients to facilitate modern single-sign-on procedures. Our new system can support a range of authentication mechanisms to ensure that logging into BOXARR is both easy and secure within your enterprise. Our new Docker architecture has the added benefit of being much simpler to install and update.

Improved navigation through nSight dashboards

Our browser-based client continues to improve, including lots of tweaks and refinements in this release that you will notice in better usability. These include a new ability to navigate between any number of full-screen widgets so that you can quickly get a custom window into a BOXARR model and browse through multiple widget views to gain actionable insight.

Easy to Filter in nSight

Another refinement that will stand out is the improvements to the user filter in the browser. Filtering is what allows you to drill down into a BOXARR model and focus on those things that are affecting your organization and its KPIs. nSight now includes a sophisticated filter bar that allows you to see precisely what you’ve filtered to, and modify that filter with ease. More usable filtering is what makes human-readable complexity possible.

New and refined charting widgets

Every release of BOXARR includes refinements to the nSight dashboard widgets, and you will notice all of them keep getting slicker. A notable new element in version 7.0 is a “doughnut chart” widget that allows you to get a comparative understanding of any data in your model.

Easier user management

BOXARR is an enterprise tool, meant to enable many users across your organization to understand complex challenges. As such, adding and managing user access is vital. BOXARR 7.0 features a refined workflow for that adding users that will make managing hundreds or even thousands of users far easier.

Exciting preliminary developments in BOXARR 7.0

BOXARR 7.0 also features first looks at several revolutionary developments that we will be rapidly refining in coming releases:

Network editing in the browser

7.0 is the first release where it is possible not just to create dashboards of underlying BOXARR interdependency models, but to edit those models (something that was previously only possible through the nVision client). Expect this capability to be refined towards full in-browser editing the near future!

Management of model folder structure in the browser

Users who have worked with nVision will know that to organize the multiple models in BOXARR, it is possible to create folders and sub-folders of those models. This release brings the capability of managing those folders into nSight.

“User layer” editing

Along with these new edit-in-the-browser capabilities comes the ability to edit your own, personal version of the model (a “user layer”) that doesn’t interfere with the baseline model being used by other users until you want to merge that layer back, under careful security control. This capability makes exploring what-ifs even more powerful.

Upgrade to BOXARR 7.0

BOXARR customers with active subscriptions will be able to upgrade to BOXARR 7.0 from June 2020.

We encourage all our customers to upgrade their platform at the earliest opportunity, so users can take advantage of the new enhancements and features.

If you would like to discuss your upgrade, please speak to your BOXARR Account Manager, or contact us directly.

If you are interested in seeing a demo of the new update, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing or contacting us here.



BOXARR is a software platform that helps make the complexity of today’s world human-readable.

BOXARR enables people to collaboratively capture knowledge from both people and disparate data sources, building flexible, Digital Twins at a real-world scale (millions of data objects), which become analytical engines for improvement and value realisation.

Used in blue-chip companies, Tier 1 Consultancies and at the highest levels of military and government worldwide, BOXARR directly supports decision-making, provides clarity on processes, and helps address real-world challenges increasing revenues, security, and resource allocation.

BOXARR overcomes complexity in organisational design, systems engineering, program & sustainment planning, supply-web resilience, joint operational & logistical process, and more.

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