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BOXARR at the Royal Aeronautical Society

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

BOXARR is hosting a seminar on "Combating the Challenges of Complexity in Aerospace and Defence", at the Royal Aeronautical Society, London. 14th June 2017. 18:30~20:00.

The burgeoning complexity and interdependency within and between systems are one of the greatest challenges facing the A&D sector. Driven by the persistent Internet of Things, increasing specialisation, and the vast volumes of accruing data; complex networks of inter-dependency are continually evolving between all aspects of organisations, products, systems, data silos, disciplines, and operations.

This fundamental inter-connectedness means that it is no longer advisable, nor plausible to view anything in isolation. Failing to effectively manage complexity is resulting in A&D organisations and Defence Forces becoming increasingly susceptible to hidden and compounding risks, which can have significant, if not critical, impacts on their operational performance, budgets, and safety.

A&D programmes are immensely complex. Aircraft projects for example can take over a decade from inception to successful first flight. Systems engineering, design and integration processes are increasingly demanding, with typically 250K+ critical load cases requiring analysis for civil aircraft certification.

In turn, the vast inter-dependencies between operations, production, sustainment, cyber-security, and fiscal management all require the collaboration of multiple stakeholders, partners, and allies. An effective methodology to successfully manage and deliver such complex, time/budget/safety-critical programmes is long overdue.

This seminar will consider these issues, and how UK software company BOXARR is empowering organisations to manage such challenges, at a ‘real-world’ massive scale. BOXARR stitches together human expertise with data mapped from sources across the enterprise to form dynamic digital knowledge bases.

These “Digital Tapestries” incorporate powerful tools for collaborative modelling, visualising, processing, simulating, and analysing the multi-contextual inter-dependencies across programmes e.g., strategy, budget, planning, people, product, engineering, process, production, supply-chain, sustainment & lifecycle - mitigating risk, and optimising performance.

The seminar will include a demonstration of BOXARR’s innovative solution to collaborative complex systems management, as well as case studies of applications and success stories across the A&D sectors, within both industry and Defence Forces. The seminar will be followed by a Q&A session, and a drinks reception.


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