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BOXARR unveil new solutions for the Defence Sector

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Advances in the Defence Sector are no longer limited to large networks of frigates, tanks, fighters and similar machinery. It has now evolved into artificial intelligence and electronic systems that allow for the assessment of factors influencing the performance of tasks and the selection of the best possible techniques to ensure the maximum effectiveness of military strategies.

This is what BOXARR is hoping to achieve with the unveiling of its latest solution, BOXARR 6.0. These tools allow for interdependent-systems management solutions including (but not limited to); large supply chain models, corporate restructuring, and effective functional analysis so that the company plans everything from investment to operational objectives. These solutions also plan production processes so that it is understood how all the factors of the production line interact to get the highest possible effectiveness of the task.

BOXARR 6.0 was unveiled at the DSEI 2019 International Security and Defence Equipment Exhibition in London between 10 and 13 September and Arab Security and Defence conducted an exclusive interview with Robert Smith, Chief Technology Officer