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BOXARR moves into the US Oil & Gas sector

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

BOXARR is delighted to announce the appointment of Resolution Energy Services (RES) as a Certified Solution Partner for the Oil & Gas sector in the Americas. RES is a US-based Consultancy firm, providing services and solutions to the major oil exploration and production companies in the US and globally.

RES specialises in supporting geo-computing and data management requirements, both embedded at their customer facilities and from RES headquarters in Houston Texas. "We're pleased to now be able to offer BOXARR solutions to the Oil & Gas industry.", says Piers Gormly, Joint Principal at RES, "Building on the outstanding success they had in modelling and managing complex supply chains and manufacturing processes in the aerospace and defence sectors, we believe BOXARR's technologies are highly appropriate for the oil field sector, where the drivers for risk reduction and cost optimisation are equally strong. And these drivers remain valid, regardless of where the industry is in the consolidation/growth cycle".

"We believe BOXARR's technologies are highly appropriate for the oil field sector" Piers Gormly | RES

Joint Principal Tim Shepherd says: "With our extensive network within the Oil & Gas providers, and throughout the oil field service sector, coupled with our background in specialised scientific software, high technology manufacturing, exploration, and drilling services, we will not only be able to provide a BOXARR sales channel but importantly the associated consultative, implementation and ongoing support services to all clients".

"There are many parallels in Oil & Gas to the Aerospace sector", says BOXARR's VP of Global Alliances, Fraser Hamilton, "Both face the challenge of complexity on a massive scale, with highly inter-dependent equipment and systems, distributed supply-chains and significant impacts of unmanaged risk. We see BOXARR's ability to help organisations effectively optimise and manage massive interdependent systems being tremendously valuable to the energy sector at large, and we welcome RES to our growing network of Alliance Partners.


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