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Building DigitalTwins of Systems and Organisations

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Build the DigitalTwin of your Organisation

As systems and organisations grow and evolve, they are becoming increasingly interdependent. This burgeoning complexity is evident across organisations at every level and the consequences of propagating effect mean that it is no longer practical or viable to continue considering anything in isolation. So how can organisations effectively manage their complex inter-dependency? The computer-aided modelling of 'systems' is a proven approach and no doubt there are a plethora of modelling tools. However, these tend to be solution-specific, impossible to scale, or vastly expensive and time-consuming to implement. To make complex systems human-readable the fundamental key is "representation" - machines are ideal for crunching big data, but invariably humans need to comprehend this inter-dependency to support effective design and decision-making. At BOXARR we have been helping to transform the way people engage with their information systems and manage their complexity, bringing humans and data together in an intuitive and scalable way. BOXARR's software platform enables knowledge experts from across an enterprise to collaboratively build models at a 'real world scale'; capturing the breadth, depth, and fidelity of their systems & organisations and therein the complex webs of inter-dependencies between them. Modellers can leverage other applications and information systems across the client's estate to build and inform these 'DigitalTwins' via import/export routines and or systems integration. BOXARR DigitalTwin models can be visualised through multiple lenses and filtered across any parameters; enabling users to manage scale and focus on areas of concern, whilst retaining the ability to analyse the propagating effect of proposed decisions or changes across the entire system of systems. Visualisation is supported by the framework of a powerful function - enabling users to create, save, and apply analyses and algorithms. These can process data attributes along model paths, conditionally format the model elements, and reconfigure the model architectures. Combined with integrated discrete-event scheduling enables what-if analyses across multiple scenarios. The knowledge and value captured within BOXARR models can then be pushed out to stakeholder groups across the enterprise via web browser - providing model visualisations and analytical dashboards. BOXARR's paradigm is highly versatile and is being employed to model and manage challenges across areas such as systems engineering & integration; supply & value-chain resilience; process & production optimisation; programme planning; and indeed, stitching these aspects together into holistic DigitalTwins of organisations.


BOXARR is getting ready to exhibit at Farnborough International Air show | 16-22 July 2018

Farnborough is a premier event in the aviation calendar, enabling visitors to meet face-to-face with the world's aerospace industry. As a valued member of the Farnborough Aerospace Consortium (FAC), BOXARR will be exhibiting with FAC in the UK Pavillion in a prime location within HALL 1 STAND B/1320, in the new purpose-built exhibition hall.

BOXARR will be demonstrating the new capabilities of v5.8 and we would be delighted to welcome you to our stand and show you how we are changing the way organisations solve challenges of complexity and inter-dependency on a massive scale.


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