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Unpacking the investment chain

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

…a complete theory of how to invest to improve performance for people who need to design organisations strategically

Strategic design is really complex. Part of what makes it difficult is the few ways in which to frame an organisation’s problems that remains consistent across such a range of diverse concerns. These could be responding to customers, allocating capital, working out what technology to adopt, how to push sales, scoping projects, letting contracts…

One thing that can be counted on is time. Organisations process. Everything is a chain of events. These chains have different rhythms, intersecting and interacting in a complex, non-static pattern.

I wrote previously about there being a number of meaningful chains of events in an organisation, and that in general these fit into three categories:

  • the value chain — the core business of turning slightly less useful/valuable inputs into slightly more useful/valuable outputs