Planning For Brexit Means Being Prepared For Any Scenario

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

BOXARR can help you to be prepared for any Brexit scenario

Organisations are continuously facing unforeseen challenges and responding to circumstances where they have little or no control over events. Some challenges are of course more significant than others, and Brexit is a clear and present example of communities facing a seismic geopolitical and economic change.

Every day it becomes increasingly evident how deeply the UK and EU economies and organisational operations are interwoven. This is hardly surprising given decades if not centuries of trade and cooperation. However, it’s only when you are forced to examine where and how your own organisations sits within and relies upon these tangled webs of inter-dependency that the potentially critical risks begin to materialise.

Without a clear plan for transition, everything remains as assumptions. No one can be sure of the full extent of impacts which Brexit will have on the UK and EU economies, nor how organisations can continue to operate, let alone flourish. The various Brexit scenarios incorporate such a wide range of speculations that the potential implications, disruptions and change-requirements for organisations vary significantly. Indeed, even if and when a deal is struck, the complexity is vast, the implications innumerable and the proposed outcomes should be considered aspirational at best.

For most organisations it