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Planning For Brexit Means Being Prepared For Any Scenario

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

BOXARR can help you to be prepared for any Brexit scenario

Organisations are continuously facing unforeseen challenges and responding to circumstances where they have little or no control over events. Some challenges are of course more significant than others, and Brexit is a clear and present example of communities facing a seismic geopolitical and economic change.

Every day it becomes increasingly evident how deeply the UK and EU economies and organisational operations are interwoven. This is hardly surprising given decades if not centuries of trade and cooperation. However, it’s only when you are forced to examine where and how your own organisations sits within and relies upon these tangled webs of inter-dependency that the potentially critical risks begin to materialise.

Without a clear plan for transition, everything remains as assumptions. No one can be sure of the full extent of impacts which Brexit will have on the UK and EU economies, nor how organisations can continue to operate, let alone flourish. The various Brexit scenarios incorporate such a wide range of speculations that the potential implications, disruptions and change-requirements for organisations vary significantly. Indeed, even if and when a deal is struck, the complexity is vast, the implications innumerable and the proposed outcomes should be considered aspirational at best.

For most organisations it is fundamental to realise that the analytical intelligence required to effectively navigate Brexit goes way beyond spreadsheets and slide decks. Organisations need solutions that can enable them to visualise their organisations within an evolving landscape; provide deep insights across all their operational dependencies; expose and mitigate potential risks; and of course reveal opportunities to exploit.

Planning for Brexit requires the ability to visualise what could happen tomorrow, to understand how it will impact your organisation, and how to be prepared for any scenario.

The structures of organisations throughout the world have become highly complex, and that trend is only increasing. Simply getting to grips with this burgeoning complexity is proving to be immensely challenging if not impossible for organisations to deal with at every level. This has resulted in management having a lack of visibility across their extended enterprises and their supply-chains; leaving them exposed to potentially critical risks and unable to effectively respond to unforeseen events. In turn, most organisations cannot operate well or achieve optimum performance within an uncertain environment. The levels of uncertainty resulting from the Brexit negotiations are profound and far reaching.

Combining these factors creates a potentially perfect storm. Regardless of which side of the political fence you stand on, the issue now extends beyond the uncertainties of today. Not only does the UK have a hard deadline for existing the EU on 29 March 2019, but the impacts of Brexit will continue to resonate across the UK, EU and with our international trading partners for decades to come. Planning for March is in fact just the start of a long process! People across organisations need to rapidly identify how Brexit scenarios will impact their operations and value-chains: when; where, at what cost, and plan how they should navigate through the coming years of turbulence.

BOXARR is empowering organisations of all sizes with the ability to quickly and collaboratively create Digital Twins of their systems, processes and value-chains. We do this by enabling you to draw upon data from your information systems and elicit knowledge and experience from your personnel to build dynamic models of your organisation. These models can then be visualised across a variety of contexts, lenses and filters and functionally analysed to process data and generate insights and value.

Strategists can simply and effectively project their organisation into the future by running ‘what-if’ scenarios across their models – evaluating the effects of change against a variety of parameters. Likewise, the propagating effects of unforeseen events can be readily simulated and visualised, enabling a rapid and effective collaborative response to what may otherwise have become a critical impact.

BOXARR is transforming the way organisations can think, understand, see, and act. Our platform is helping decision-makers to plan the future of their organisations post Brexit; build resilience into their value-chains; and drive better operational performance through an uncertain future. We are opening new frontiers for visualisation and analytics, helping organisations become more flexible, and able to respond quickly and effectively to the inevitable - change.

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