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BOXARR solve AIRBUS' Global Supply Chain Complexity

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

The enormous complexity of the Airbus civil aircraft manufacturing supply chain means it is exceedingly difficult to understand all the stakeholders involved in each value chain, not to mention the relationships that these suppliers have with other suppliers.

As such it is difficult to quickly identify the impact of any disturbance in the supply chain or to identify those suppliers who are at higher risk.

Aerospace Supply Chain Challenges

For example, some suppliers will have a substantial number of dependencies in the supply chain, or they might be subject to a potential geopolitical risk, or they could provide their components across multiple aircraft programmes.

BOXARR was originally purchased to replace an early concept (mocked up in spreadsheets by the aircraft manufacturer) to become an indispensable business critical tool for designing and running the Airbus supply chain.

More people in the company were hearing about BOXARR's significant successes beyond the supply chain function and were making use of this amazing resource for all sorts of purposes - especially in the various aircraft programmes.

Airbus supplier mapping began with BOXARR in 2013.

Since then, the central team has distributed two thousand supply chain alerts and reports to support procurement activities.

Today nine hundred users are connecting regularly, and we are pleased to say the capabilities are continually improving, with the latest version 5.7 having just been deployed!

So, the benefits and the reputation of BOXARR continue to grow globally in Airbus!

Both Ian Poccachard our Chief Solutions Officer, and CEO, have had first-hand testimony from senior Airbus procurement professionals singing the praises of BOXARR!

We are immensely proud to support Airbus's operations with this critical capability and look forward to long-lasting collaboration also in the future.


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