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BOXARR invited to present at NZDIA 2016

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

BOXARR are honoured to have been invited to speak at the New Zealand Defence Industry Association (NZDIA) Annual Forum on the 17th of November, in conjunction with the RNZN 75th Anniversary celebrations, Operation Neptune.

BOXARR's VP for Global Alliances, Fraser Hamilton will be discussing the emerging challenges of complexity in defence. "There is a growing appreciation across the global defence community of the potentially critical impacts of un-managed complexity.", says Fraser, "We're honoured to have been invited by the NZDIA to discuss this issue with their members and delegates to the forum, and look at means to identify and manage the hidden inter-dependencies and compounding risk which result from increasingly complex systems."

The New Zealand Defence Industry Association (NZDIA) is New Zealand industry’s principle conduit to the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF). The primary focus of NZ DIA remains to enable Members to be informed about, understand and support the Crown’s Defence procurement programme.

NZDIA works to deliver mutually beneficial process improvement, lower business cost and improved commercial outcomes for Defence, associated agencies (e.g. security, intelligence, border control, police, customs) and NZDIA members by achieving recognition as the Defence Industry Stakeholder Representative of Choice for reference, consultation and engagement across industry, sector and procurement initiatives.

For more information about the NZDIA Forum, or to register to attend, please go to:


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