BOXARR expands deployment in textile industry

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

We are all consumers of finished goods from the textile industry. But have you ever considered the immensely complex processes required to develop the raw materials which create the products you’re wearing? Textile production requires a scientifically driven process to meet critical performance requirements such as sub-zero temperatures; weather resistance; flexibility; and weight reduction in thread types and finished fabrics. All supported by a highly specialised and distributed global supply chain. Indeed, few industries have such a high level of collaboration between raw material developers and finished goods suppliers. A leading global textile developer and producer, have been grappling with this challenge for some years, and recently embraced BOXARR software to unravel the complex interdependencies involved in supplying materials to brands such Nike and North Face. BOXARR software is enabling people across the client to collaboratively build digital twin models of their complex organisational challenges; capturing human knowledge & expertise through the intuitive medium of Boxes and Arrows. These BOXARR models can readily scale up to reflect the ‘real world’ breadth, depth, and fidelity of inter-dependencies involved – with the ability to incorporate hundreds of thousands of ‘Boxes’ and millions of data objects. The client is using BOXARR to combine process mapping with data ingested from disparate information systems across their business; rapidly generating a model incorporating the various aspects of their development and production operations. The model maps the web of inter-dependencies between the plethora of material types (threads and fabrics) and the permutations of individual processes required to produce, treat, test, and deliver them. This is further combined with contextual information relating to the global supply network of raw material producers, labs, and production plants. Stakeholders across the client can now visualise and analyse the holistic system-of-systems across their business to help solve problems and optimise outcomes; quickly and effectively. BOXARR’s powerful filtering capabilities enable any selected aspect of the model to be isolated and then display the ‘contributing aspects’ upstream and ‘affected aspects’ downstream of it - a true digital thread within a digital tapestry of inter-dependencies. BOXARR software incorpora