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BOXARR v5.4 Released

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

We are delighted to announce the release of Version 5.4 of the BOXARR platform, as part of our development team's biannual release programme. BOXARR 5.4 brings a range of powerful application enhancements and valuable new features.

Platform Enhancements

  • Our desktop client application has been re-branded as BOXARR nVision.

  • Our browser client application has been re-branded as BOXARR nSight.

  • Various menu items have been re-labelled and/or relocated to further enhance intuitive use.

  • Various underlying performance enhancements have been incorporated to enable BOXARR to perform faster than ever on a massive scale.

New in BOXARR nVision

  • The usability of nVision has been greatly enhanced by the addition of Main Menu items and Task Wizards which help users to add and maintain Types, Fields, and Displays in their BOXARR models. These enhancements make it incredibly easy to create complex, powerful models with minimal training, while maintaining the re-usability of knowledge captured via BOXARR Libraries.

  • Using the Functions framework in nVision has never been easier, with a new workflow, colouring and guidance toolsets added to help users create and run Functions which turn their Boxes and Arrows models into powerful analytical tools.

  • Users can now change Box Settings by using Functions. This is powerful capability makes it possible to display different labels on different Boxes, based on user-specified Functions of their properties. In effect, each Box can now act as a 'dashboard' into its associated data.

  • Users can now change Group Settings by using Functions, to configure different labels and pivot tables on different Groups. This makes it possible to have custom analyses for different Groups based on user-specified functions of their properties. In effect, each group is a custom dashboard into the collective data from the Boxes and Arrows it contains. Since Groups are hierarchical, each Group has complete drill-down capability into highly flexible, function-based reports.

  • The “case” statement in the Functions framework now supports alphanumeric strings.

  • Users can now filter their model visualisations based upon Functions that can return alphanumeric values, as well as numbers, dates, flags, etc.

  • Arrows in BOXARR models can now be 'enabled' and 'disabled' based on Functions. This provides users with a powerful new level of model control.

  • Users can now sort 'collections' of model objects in the Functions framework to enable further functional capabilities.

  • Users can now benefit from partial text field matching in the Functions framework.

  • Users can now control the display format of numerical results in the summary (pivot) tables which can be displayed on Groups in nVision, and in pivot table views from nSight.

New in BOXARR nSight

  • nSight now supports the network model view, enabling users to visualise, navigate and filter their BOXARR models, akin to nVision.

  • Model networks, data tables, and pivot tables can now be published from nVision with role-based security access; enabling rich sources of information to be propagated to nSight users across the enterprise.

  • Users can now share complete views of a model-project simply by sharing the URL, So now you can now share your insights derived from BOXARR as easily as you compose an email, send an SMS, or IM!

  • Users can now can now utilise filters to display 'Boxes Upstream and Downstream' of selected objects in the model to quickly determine inter-dependencies, impacts and risks.

BOXARR's Chief Science Officer, Robert Smith, says

"BOXARR 5.4 is a great advance for our vision to be 'the' way of capturing and analyzing knowledge in the form of boxes-and-arrows models that can scale to real world complexity. Our advances in usability make it easier for users to quickly create models which deliver on multiple challenges and KPIs. We can now have users doing extremely advanced modelling and analyses with just a few hours training, or even self-driven experience of BOXARR".

Upgrade to BOXARR V5.4 Today

BOXARR customers with active subscriptions can upgrade to BOXARR V5.4 with immediate effect. We encourage all our customers to upgrade their platform at the earliest opportunity, so users can take advantage of the new enhancements and features.

If you would like to discuss your upgrade, please speak to your BOXARR Account Director, or contact us directly.


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