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Preview BOXARR v5.5 release

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

We are delighted to announce the imminent release of Version 5.5 of the BOXARR platform. As part of our development team's biannual release programme, BOXARR 5.5 brings a range of powerful application enhancements and valuable new features for our users. New in BOXARR nVision

USABILITY WORKFLOWS - Building on the innovations of BOXARR 5.4, new workflows have been optimized and extended to make building and managing complex and massive-scale BOXARR models even easier.

COLLAPSE & EXPAND - The frequent task of expanding and collapsing groups in BOXARR models has been made far easier with a simple 'slider' control. 'Press on Hold' functionality has also been added to fully expand/collapse models with a single click.

'STICKY' FOCUS - The frequently used “Zoom Selection” and “Fit Content” buttons can now be “toggled”, so that the model remains focused on the selection, or the entire model, dynamically as the model view changes. This is enormously helpful whilst navigating massive scale models.

GROUP SUMMARIES - 'Groups' in BOXARR models can now be collapsed to display customisable "Summary Tables" of data within the Group. These data tables (even pivots) can be simply configured by users against any data fields associated with Boxes and Arrows within the Group hierarchy. The "Summary Tables" can also be generated and/or recalled using BOXARR Functions and will auto-calculate through the sub-Groups as you navigate in and out of any Group hierarchy.

BOX ARRAY - Users will now generate tables of Boxes, with any two defined 'Group Types' determining the rows and columns of the table. These rows and columns can then be sorted by any Field or Function in your BOXARR model - like a "swim lane" visualisation. This incredibly powerful feature provides users with complete control of the visual layout of their model; up-and-down, left-to-right, with all of BOXARR’s native abilities to filter, focus, drag-and-drop, etc.

LIBRARY FOLDERS - BOXARR Libraries (re-usable repositories of BOXARR model features) are now organised into simple Folder-tree structures, enabling the more effective organisation and accessibility of BOXARR capabilities in large enterprise estates.

ENHANCED IMPORT/EXPORT - The ability to import/export BOXARR models to/from the BOXARR platform has been significantly enhanced; with the ability to incorporate not only data and structure, but also associated Functions, and lists of Fields, Box Types, etc.

New in BOXARR nSight

nSIGHT DASHBOARD - authorised nSight users will have the ability to generate their own customisable dashboards within the nSight web browser client. Dashboards can be quickly and easily generated by drag & drop from a selection of chart and graph styles and assigning these to live data feeds from your BOXARR models. This outstanding feature enables customized visualisation and insights into the knowledge and analytics captured in any BOXARR model.

Upgrade to BOXARR 5.5

BOXARR customers with active subscriptions will soon be able to upgrade to BOXARR 5.5. We encourage all our customers to upgrade their platform at the earliest opportunity, so users can take advantage of the new enhancements and features. If you would like to discuss your upgrade, please speak to your BOXARR Account Director, or contact us directly.

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