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BOXARR appoints Chris Reynolds as its new Managing Director

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

BOXARR Marketing | Bristol, 22nd January 2019.

BOXARR, a leading software company providing a modelling tool that uniquely addresses the growing challenges of managing complex Inter-dependent Systems, has appointed Chris Reynolds as its new Managing Director.

Chris joined BOXARR in May last year as Chief Operating Officer and since then has driven company’s growth through his expertise in management, product development and operations.

Chris Reynolds. BOXARR Managing Director
Chris Reynolds. BOXARR Managing Director

Chris’s background and experience spans technology, engineering, and software development across SaaS, XaaS services, Data Analytics; Mobile; and IoT. He started his career as a software and hardware engineer, moving from a computer games start up to Land Rover, and then BMW. His work can still be found in vehicles all around the World. With a successful record of programme delivery, Chris moved into the Telecommunications and Mobile space. He delivered major programmes for Logica, and for the huge start-up that was Hutchison 3G, before taking on consultancy and interim roles, as well as starting up businesses of his own.

Now focusing on high technology scale-ups, Chris has taken on senior leadership roles and added real value to several exciting technology companies, notably Shazam. He remains fascinated by the nexus of technology, business and people.

Sir Colin Terry, Chairman of BOXARR said:

“I am delighted to welcome Chris as Managing Director of BOXARR Limited. His extensive experience leading the growth of technology scale-ups will add an outstanding contribution to the continuing successes of the company.”

Chris commented:

“I am excited to be taking on the role of Managing Director at such an important time for BOXARR. We have a truly fantastic group of people here, and our recent product developments are paving the way for significant growth in 2019.”

Rob Smith, BOXARR CTO commented:

“Since Chris joined BOXARR just under a year ago, his skills in people and organisational management have had a massive impact on the BOXARR team, making it more effective, and leading it towards the exciting developments that will be coming up in the new year. He’s very experienced in leadership for technical companies like ours, so it’s a natural for him to move into the MD slot, and I’m sure that his leadership will help BOXARR grow and develop even more rapidly.”

Robin Young, Member of Board of Directors commented on Chris Reynolds appointment:

“We are delighted to be able to announce the promotion of Chris Reynolds as he takes over the role of Managing Director. BOXARR is at an inflexion point and being able to have continuity from a highly capable internal candidate makes a huge difference.”


BOXARR is a software company headquartered in the UK, operating internationally through a global network of Alliance Partners. The BOXARR platform enables organisations to effectively manage their complexity, mitigate risks, and identify opportunities to prosper.

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