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Our Customer

Rolls Royce Marine is a division of Rolls Royce plc and has a world-leading range of capabilities in the marine market, encompassing the design, supply, and support of power and propulsion systems.  

Rolls Royce Marine is a leader in the integration of technologically complex systems for offshore oil and gas, merchant and naval surface, and submarine vessels.  

Comprehensive through-life support for Rolls Royce Marine customers is provided through an expanding global network of service facilities.

Their Challenge 

This scenario for the use of BOXARR evolved from the desire of Rolls Royce Marine to be better able to quickly understand and resolve product faults in service.  

For example, if a power plant develops a vibration, then if not addressed very quickly and efficiently this could lead to customer concerns and ultimately reduced satisfaction.  

Marine turbines are highly complex products, involving many different kinds of technology.  

Rolls Royce Marine wanted to improve the speed and efficiency that Design Engineers can track down the root cause of faults, and then suggest design, manufacturing, or operational changes to eliminate them.

The BOXARR Solution

BOXARR is the perfect solution for this kind of complex inter-dependent systems analysis.  

The large number of product inter-dependencies can easily and quickly be modelled in BOXARR by integrating with data in the existing Rolls Royce engineering computer systems.  

BOXARR is efficient and effective for this kind of modelling, even at very large scale.  

The simple user interface, based on “boxes and arrows”, allows the engineers to visualise model paths to understand interactions and interfaces within the design of the system, and to quickly and efficiently isolate the root cause of issues.

Functional analysis can be applied to the model to derive further insight into the performance of the system.


Root Cause Analysis




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Root Cause Analysis | Rolls-Royce Marine

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